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Tandem Paragliding review for Skysports Albania from a happy and thrilled client

We decided to try flying a couple of days ago. We came to the Palace beach, where the Sky Sports Center is located, and we were told that the weather was not flying.

We left our phone number and after a couple of days they called us and made a flight reservation for this morning 😊.
We arrived at the place at 9 o’clock. According to the staff, the earlier you fly, the more chances you have for a good wind.

In general, we were lucky, as some people are unable to fly due to unsuitable weather for weeks.
How everything happens. From the beach you are taken up the mountain by car (if there are several people, then in turn).

The height of the mountain from which we started is 1043m.
Then there are preparations for the flight – a parachute, equipment and instructions.

If the wind direction is not suitable, then you need to wait a little. We waited about 10 minutes. T
he pilot straps you to him, you are ahead of him.
He then gives the command to take long, quick steps, and then run as fast as you can. After  you lift off the ground and you can sit in a chair and enjoy the flight.

The flight itself is relaxing, you are pleasantly blown by the breeze, you admire the mountain and sea landscapes. First you fly over the mountains, then over the sea.
Then the pilot begins to do tricks, Dives from side to side, free fall and circles in a spiral. It is very cool!

You feel like a bird ☺️
The pilot jokes, says Look! Fish! Catch 😁 And dives down towards the sea 😁 Then you start to land on the beach) My landing was almost successful, I landed on my knees 😁 But it’s okay, there were small bruises.
Ideally, it was necessary to take a couple of steps at the pilot’s command, but we suddenly ran out of wind and the pilot did not have time to give a command, as we were on the sand 😁 Climbing the mountain takes about 10 minutes, the duration of the flight depends on the wind – 12-15 minutes.

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  • May 24, 2024
    BY Maarten De Groot

    Hi. I am a Tandem pilot from South Africa. I have worked in Georgia and I have a Georgian Tandem licence. Would I be able to come fly tandem for you?


    • May 31, 2024
      BY admini


      Please contact via WhatsApp with the following number:+355 69 228 4000

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