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Ringo by boat in Albania

Book your Ringo adrenaline at
Sky Sports Center Albania

Ringo rides are offered in Albania from Sky Sports Center at Palase beach in Vlora.

Palasë is a village in Himarë municipality 13 kilometres from the town, Vlorë County, southern Albania.
It is located near the Llogara National Park and next to the Ionian coast on the Albanian Riviera.
Palasë is one of most beautiful parts of Ionian coast on the Albanian Rivier

Ringo by boat is a very fun sport that can be done by everyone.

Ringo is designed for the ultimate thrill which will get your heart racing.

Ringo By Boat ride will last around 20 minutes for each participant. 20 minutes is the total. The preparation for the Ringo equipments will be around 5 minutes and 15 minutes on the ringo.


High speed with unexpected jumps and falls produce the ultimate adrenaline and fun.
For more fun moments and adrenaline contact sky sports center.

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