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Llogara National Park

Paragliding from Llogara

Paragliding from Llogara Llogara National Park in Albania with a talented and well experienced team.

Paragliding from Llogara , Skysport Paragliding

National Park

is centered on the Ceraunian Mountains along the Albanian Riviera in Southwestern Albania. For a small country like Albania is characterized by a considerable wealth of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and habitats with contrasting floral and fauna species.
Forests are the most widespread terrestrial ecosystems in Albania, similar to that of the European continent, in contrast, and those of southern Albania refer similarities with those of the Mediterranean Basin.

Llogara has located around 30-40 km south of Vlora. It’s one of the most famous and visited natural parks in Albania; with rich flora and fauna and some of the most exceptional food in this country you’ll eat there.

Toward Llogara National Park

The journey towards the famous Llogara Pass, which takes you from Orikum to Dhërmi, begins in the village of Dukat. As you begin the ascent into the Llogara Pass, whichever so beautifully peaks at 1017 meters, you will be surrounded by regal forests that remain magically cold even during the scalding heat of the summer.

Among them, is the so-called Flag Pine (Pisha Flamur), a century-old tree, bent from the winds into the shape of a flag. The region has been recognized as an Important Bird and Plant Area because it supports significant numbers of various bird and plant species.

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Tourism is the most important part of the park and has the largest potential to be a source of sustainable income. Along National Road 8, you will find many restaurants, hotels, and a small wooden cabin complex. The area of the park and the surroundings by beautiful mountains. A paragliding site serving annually is located south of the park. Along the twisting road are several local vendors of honey and mountain tea. Caesar’s Pass, named after Julius Caesar who marched down near the area in pursuit of Pompey, is also located nearby the Llogara Pass.

The area is also important for the growth of eco-tourism, and especially air sports, paragliding. Llogara pass is the best spot to try Tandem paragliding. And everyone agrees with this.

Tandem paragliding  takes place in some of the most beautiful places in the country and paragliding is one of the most popular air sports in Albania, in the last 10 years. Albania is the perfect place to practice paragliding.

Imagine how it feels to feel the air breeze on your face. Apart from being an extremely fun and unforgettable experience which gives you the chance to see this nature through different eyes. Although anyone can practice paragliding, there are lots of people who are afraid of trying it. Well, paragliding from Llogara is the best place to start . Apart from the mental health benefits of paragliding, this sport is also a great workout, because of the adrenaline released during the flights. You can burn around 230 calories an hour! Do you want to feel freedom in its purest form Try paragliding with 

Paragliding from Llogara, Palse Skysports Paragliding

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