SkySports Albania

We are the biggest and most experienced air sports company in Albania.
Our vision is to offer different sky sports on all the Albanian best spots, with a great quality and professionalism. For years we have flight thousands of passengers on Paragliding Tandem flight on the most famous spots depending on the season, lately in our family we have added other ways of flying such as Paratrike flying and Winching Tandem flying wich has widened the map of the available flying spots. We use high quality and certified equipments in all our categories as safety is our main objective.

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding is our main sky sport . We have offered Tandem Paragliding for tourists for years in destinations such as Llogara(Vlore) ,Shashica (Vlore) , Dajti (Tirane) , Morava (Korce) depending on the seasons.


ParaTrike is motorized paragliding.You fly with a para-glider but seated on a 3 wheel motorized machine and take off from the
ground , different from paragliding you don’t have to do nothing on the take off and landing as there are the wheels which make the fly very comfortable.

Paragliding Winch

The Tow Winch is installed on a car or a boat pulls the Tandem Para-glider until is reached the desired altitude, after the pilot disconnects the rope and continues the normal Paragliding Tandem flight.

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Are you a pilot?

Are you a pilot and looking for a new place to discover by flying ? Albania is called as the undiscovered pearl of mediterreanean , because even
tho it is a small country it has an amazing diversity of nature in it .This makes Albania a great place to fly (both free and powered flights). Amazing mountains and spectacular Albanian coasts and Riviera are yours to fly and discover. Contact us via e-mail :