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SkySports Albania

SkySportS Albania is the biggest and most experienced air sports company in Albania.
Our vision is to offer different sky sports and adrenaline in Albania.

Paragliding Skysports Albania team is offering air sports with a great quality and professionalism.
For years we have made happy thousands paragliding flights passengers.
We offered paragliding on the most beautiful spots depending on the season.

Lately in our family we have added other ways of flying such as Paratrike flying and Winching Tandem flying.
This new entries have widened the map of the available flying spots.
We use high quality and certified equipment's in all our categories as safety is our main objective.

Exhilarating Tandem Paragliding experience with SkySportS Albania.


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Sky Sports Albania


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Sky Sports Albania

Happy moments
Sky Sports Albania

We decided to try flying a couple of days ago. We came to the Palace beach, where the Sky Sports Center is located, and we were told that the weather was not flying. We left our phone number and after a couple of days they called us and made a flight reservation for this morning 😊 We arrived at the place at 9 o’clock. According to the staff, the earlier you fly, the more chances you have for a good wind. In general, we were lucky, as some people are unable to fly due to unsuitable weather for weeks. How everything happens. From the beach you are taken up the mountain by car (if there are several people, then in turn). The height of the mountain from which we started is 1043m.
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Elena Panova

Elena Panova

Photographer from Krakow

I’ve been flying more than once in different places with different pilots of SkySports. Wonderful experience up there in the sky, easy take off and easy landing. If you have you to wait it’s usually due to the weather conditions. The guys know what they’re doing and safety always comes first. Even in the air they ask you if you want some adrenaline rush or just a calm flight.

Lorina Haxhiaj

Lorina Haxhiaj

Loacl Guide

A five star experience with SkySports Albania! They are an amazing team, and make every flight an unforgettable one! If you get the chance to visit Albania, this is a must try experience!

Alberta Zani

Alberta Zani


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