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Water Sports In Albania

At Sky Sports Center Albania We offer a variety of water sports and water transport services like:
Ringo By Boat, Speed Boat, Banana by boat, fly fish, canoekayak, jet ski, boat transport  in all destinations of our Riviera.
Sky Sports offer transport toward Karaburuni to Saranda, starting from our center at the Palase  beach.

Prices for boat transport or speed boat vary depending on the destination, type of transportation,
the amount of time renting the service and number of people.
We offer a simple Taxi service  with rafts but also fast service with Speed Boat.
Grama Bay is the most sought after tourist destination.
With Taxi Boat the prices will start at  30 euros per person and the capacity is 8 persons.


Great Destination for Water Sports

Get amazed by  Albania. offers different water sports  services in Albania, like scuba diving, JetSki, SUP, Speed Boat , Taxi Boat etc.

For more information for water and air sports in Albania you can contact us:
via e-mail: [email protected]l,
via phone: +355692284000
Visit us at our Center : Sky Sports Center Albania to get a thrilling experience in different water and sky sports.

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