Paragliding in Albania

Should I lose weight to practice paragliding?

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Do I have to be slim to practice paragliding? Are there any weight limits, or age, to exercise this sport? Is paragliding really an extreme sport?  What happens while flying?

These are only some of the questions that almost everyone ask us. Well, some people think that they may not have the physical ability required to participate in paragliding, and this is wrong. Everyone has the ability to participate and exercise this sport, even children, or our grandfathers.  As a matter of fact the majority of people are perfectly capable of taking to the air without any particular restrictions. Believe us.

Paragliding in Albania

In paragliding, we combat  the forces of gravity to stay airborne as long as possible, and don’t worry we can carry tandem passengers up to a maximum weight of 120kg. Don’t worry if you fear you are too old, or too young.  There is no minimum or maximum age when it comes to paragliding, but you must follow some simple instructions, designed for your own safety.

Remember that paragliding is a very safe and amazing sport. It’s really poetic, although it is categorized as an extreme sport.  We care about your safety. We also want you to have the best experiences next to us, while you enjoy flying, over some of the most exciting and wonderful places in Albania, such as Llogara.

If you have more doubts about our tandem flights or if  you would like to know more about paragliding, do not hesitate. Get in contact with us and we will solve all your doubts.

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