Sky sports center

Skysports Center in Palasë

Sky Sports Center is the largest sports center in the Balkans. is the biggest sports center in the Balkans. The range of sports that our center offers is too large, from air sports to underwater ones, as well as personalized guides for hiking. We started this ambitious project to offer adventure sports to all that are bothered by the monotony of the beach.

At Sky Sports Center can come to try to flight all the sky enthusiasts.

Can come to try Fly fish, banana boat, canoe, kayak, jet ski all those who want the adrenaline of water and the sea don’t want to use just to swim, but also for the strong emotions that water sports give to you.

Can come to dive into the water with canisters all those who are intrigued by the underwater world.

For the most “lazy” ones we offer motorboat tours in the discovery of Ionian bays that have a dizzying beauty.

For sports walking and hiking enthusiasts, we offer personalized tours to discover paths and unexplored roads.

As for those who can’t make up their mind if they want more the sea or flight we offer parawinch flights, an innovation in Albania, starting from the seashore and then flying parachuting, is a unique experience.

All these sports are offered in our center and are practiced and assisted by professional instructors and licensed ones.

Trust your vacation and entertainment only to professionals.

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We look forward to seeing you all south, at Sky Sports Center!